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Shooting At A School In California Leaves 4 Dead

Another California school is in the midst of a shooting episode. Of Late, there have been many instances where disgruntled shooters have targeted schools and schoolchildren. A shooter killed four people and injured at least one child in an elementary school in California on Tuesday. The gunman shot at many locations and randomly chose his victims as per the police.
The police have not yet given out the name and other details of the killer, but said that he was killed by police after he went on a shooting spree at many locations in the hinterland of Northern California, and included an elementary school in Tehama. The gunman did not have anyone in particular but shot at randomly targeting people as per Phil Johnston the assistant Sheriff.

The Associated Press also said that seven people were being treated which includes three children in two separate hospitals. It was also reported that one of his victims was a student who got away with injuries, while the other two, one child and a woman were hit while they are driving.
Police at Rancho, Tehama which is about three hours away from north San Francisco got calls for multiple shots fired around 8 am, and the call also mentioned that there were many shots and many victims at the school.

Sheriff Johnston said that they are investigating five crime scenes and also added that the school had been cleared and the children are safe. This shooting has happened on the same day where the family of the Sandy Hook elementary school is in court for a case against the rifle companies which are selling the A-15 type of rifles. This is the same weapon that killed 20 school children and 6 adults in Newtown Connecticut in December 2012.

Another incident where a gunman killed 25 people at a church in Texas happened in less than a couple of weeks of this California incident.

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Education Fair- Things To Find out

Colleges and Universities as part of the recruitment process send their representatives to other countries to meet and explain about the opportunities they offer to prospective students at education fairs. These events also give the students a chance to know more about the education system in general and also about the institutes they are interested in applying.
Students should be prepared by making a list of queries they want to be answered before coming to the Education or a college fair. They should take the help of family and friends to ask for inputs while creating that list. Below are a few questions students should consider checking out at the fair. This list can help students get started.

Academics: Students should fill in the subject of their choice while listing
● The opportunities that I will have if I major in (X)at your college.
● Difference between your program and the other similar programs offered in other colleges?
● Can I change my major?
● Can I take a break for a semester to come back home and resume my studies.?
Financial aid:
● The total expenditure for each year to attend your college.
● Other fees and costs apart for tuition fee.
● Is there any scholarship for international students, if so what is it?
● Deadline for admission and scholarship
● Percentage of scholarship
● How many international students get financial aid and what is the average amount.?
● Examples of internships the students of your college have for majoring in (X)
● Can someone help me find an internship?
● Please explain how your program will help in achieving my career aspirations.
● What placement opportunities are available at your school for international students.?
● How will the VISA process be. ?
Students should seek out representatives from various college and universities and ask for an introduction if they are not familiar with it. A student should not be hesitant to say that I have not heard of you, please tell me more. The executives will be happy to tell you.

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Is The Education System At Risk Due To Cutbacks

England Schools are expected to save £3bn as per the National Association of Headteachers. That they say can be a significant threat to the education systems stability. Ministers say that the school funds are protected, but Russell Hobby who is the General Secretary of that association begs to differ. Though the Education Department said that the funding is at a high, the Institute of Fiscal studies is the belief that there is more than what meets the eye. There are cost pressures that are impacting the funding. As per the research that they have published recently, they need an extra £2bn between 2017 and 2022 to maintain the schools at the current level.

Reality check: The education department wants the school to make savings close to £1.7bn, so when the government claims that the funding is at a record high, it does not tell the complete story. The department does not account the impact on the per-student fund as well as other cost pressures as per the director of Education at IFS, Luke Sibieta.

The general secretary of the National Association of Headteachers spoke from the annual conference in Telford and said that there are many organizations that are facing this cost pressure and affecting the effective management of schools, but the government is still singing the same tune of schools getting high funding. The schools have to manage the additional expenses of Insurance and contributions to pension coupled with rising costs which is creating a lot of cash crunch. The association is continually highlighting the situation along with teacher unions about the financial issues schools are facing. The government meanwhile refuses to admit it, and hence the schools in the UK are at risk.
The National Audit has estimated that schools have to pay £3bn as payout between 2015 to 2020. With such numbers being projected, more than 70% of the schools said there would be a cash crunch in 2019 to 2020, and More than 18% said that they were already short of cash.