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Shooting At A School In California Leaves 4 Dead

Another California school is in the midst of a shooting episode. Of Late, there have been many instances where disgruntled shooters have targeted schools and schoolchildren. A shooter killed four people and injured at least one child in an elementary school in California on Tuesday. The gunman shot at many locations and randomly chose his victims as per the police.
The police have not yet given out the name and other details of the killer, but said that he was killed by police after he went on a shooting spree at many locations in the hinterland of Northern California, and included an elementary school in Tehama. The gunman did not have anyone in particular but shot at randomly targeting people as per Phil Johnston the assistant Sheriff.

The Associated Press also said that seven people were being treated which includes three children in two separate hospitals. It was also reported that one of his victims was a student who got away with injuries, while the other two, one child and a woman were hit while they are driving.
Police at Rancho, Tehama which is about three hours away from north San Francisco got calls for multiple shots fired around 8 am, and the call also mentioned that there were many shots and many victims at the school.

Sheriff Johnston said that they are investigating five crime scenes and also added that the school had been cleared and the children are safe. This shooting has happened on the same day where the family of the Sandy Hook elementary school is in court for a case against the rifle companies which are selling the A-15 type of rifles. This is the same weapon that killed 20 school children and 6 adults in Newtown Connecticut in December 2012.

Another incident where a gunman killed 25 people at a church in Texas happened in less than a couple of weeks of this California incident.

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